Diversifying markets: William Caetano talks about the work of BU Brazil Expansion


Led by the dedicated William Caetano, Brazil Expansion is the name of another of Polar’s 5 new Business Units, announced in its organizational restructuring for 2024.

William shared that the BU will cover all sectors of the Brazilian economy, except Offshore and Naval, which belong to Rodrigo Almeida’s BU Marine & Offshore. Brazil Expansion is focused on understanding the varied demands of Brazilian markets as well as new customers. The commitment is clear: to provide exceptional service and high-quality products, ensuring operational efficiency and satisfaction.

“Our division will serve all sectors of the Brazilian economy, except Naval and Offshore. The goal is to provide excellent quality products that contribute to our customers’ operations, facilities and the environment.”







In embracing this new phase, William is leaving his previous position, which was predominantly in the offshore market, and he identifies a challenge with great growth potential for Polar.

A client-centered approach and the sharing of best practices and knowledge will be the keys to success. We are excited about this new chapter and are confident that the leadership of Brazil Expansion will boost it to greater heights.

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