Who We Are

The proposal of our business is to reduce customer´s MRO inventory costs with a quick and precise operation. We supply electrical, electronic, automation components and tools from the best manufacturers, delivering the right product on the promised date, always.

Polar is recognized as one of the most reliable vendors on Oil & Gas supply chain, especially because our core was wrought from this very harsh industrial segment, where every request is “for yesterday”. There is no chance of survival in such environment unless the levels of quality and urgency of operators, drillers and service companies are achieved consistently.

After 25 years, more than only surviving, Polar kept growing and investing steadily. We became capable to customize our solutions according to customer´s specific needs, and to participate on more complex and significant opportunities.

Our efforts towards the recent FPSO´s constructions in Brazil were indeed successful, and we were granted, in more than 20 projects, with bulk orders for: cable ladder, cable cleats, cable glands, junction boxes and luminaries.

Today, we also support other critical industries as: defense, chemical, food & beverage and paper & cellulose. With a team of more than 25 dedicated sales/marketing people and an agent network covering the main industrial locations in Brazil, we are an ISO9001:2015 certified company, Petrobras registered (CRCC), ONIP and D&B listed And we are just beginning!

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