Certifications demonstrate the company’s concern to prioritize quality and respect established standards. Throughout 26 years of experience, Polar has maintained internationally important certificates that regulate the quality of services and customer commitment.


ISO 9001:2015

The ISO9001 is suitable and well established around the world for all sizes and types of organizations and is an invaluable Quality Management System standard. It is suitable for organizations in all industry sectors and helps to improve management processes to compete locally and/or globally.
The process encompasses the entire organization and requires senior management buy-in; it is not just a function of the Quality Department. To achieve ISO 9001 certification the organization needs to demonstrate that it can meet the regulatory requirements and apply the system effectively to be of real benefit to your customers.
DNV certified Polar with the quality seal ISO 9001:2000 in September 2007, achieving its renovation each year.


Based in strict criteria for the approval of distribution companies on its system, the Petrobras supply registry has National visibility.
Since 2006, Polar have been working with his big company through the acquired registry, distributing electric components focusing Naval and Offshore industry.

DUNS Registry

The DUNS Number is a well-known identification standard for companies, stores and entity regulators.
This number makes it possible to link commercial information. It identifies more than 160 million companies worldwide and is required by the government, commercial associations and the global industry.
In order to fulfill the market demands, Polar also has the DUNS registry and proves to be able to distribute to the most variable and strict world markets.


Polar is a member of IMPA (International Marine Purchasing Association), which was formed in 1978 by a group of senior purchasing executives who wanted to create an industry ‘voice’ to represent the interests of the purchasing profession within shipping and promote close co-operation and understanding between buyer and supplier. Over the past 39 years the association has grown significantly and now represents over 700 members from across the world; ship owners, operators and managers’ account for Purchaser members and manufacturers and ship suppliers make up Supplier members. The association seeking to benefit members and their organisations through the creation of industry initiatives and products and services.