With the growing demands of immediate solutions, Polar inaugurated a retailing area in order to meet the customer’s requirements, located in one of the most important avenues of Macaé, offering a big variety of items in the stock ready to deliverer.
Located at the Avenue Nossa Senhora da Glória and with client-exclusive car parking, granting accommodation and easy access during the visit. Polar cares about comfort and attendance of our customers and is always improving the store to receive them the best way possible!


Situated on its own building, Polar has three floors of well-structured offices so the team can provide outstanding service.
The team constantly takes part of training and capacitation classes I order to kepp updated and ready to take all the doubts of the customers.
Polar is proud of keeping an experienced team, with technical capabilities and building a long-lasting career at Polar.


The main stock has approximately 40.000 items of many distributors, which are ready to deliverer.
Known on the market for its great international partnerships, Polar became over the years a reference on quality stocking and distribution of its exclusive distribution on Brazil.