Polar is recognized as one of the most reliable vendors on Oil & Gas supply chain, especially because our core was wrought from this very harsh industrial segment, where every request is “for yesterday”. There is no chance of survival in such environment unless the levels of quality and urgency of operators, drillers and service companies are achieved consistently.

1992 – Polar Foundation

Founded in 1992, Polar began operations providing only on-demand electrical equipment. Known for being a well-known and familiar company, Polar has been growing with solid foundations in the market, reflecting our commitment.

1996 – Established the own building

In 1996, with the great growth of demand, it moved to own building. Its headquarters has 1800m², where a team of more than 40 trained people work to serve more than 300 active clients.

1998 – Expansion of stock and customer service

In 1998, Polar expanded its inventory, meeting the immediate needs of customers with the inauguration of customer service.

2001 – Realization of Polar S.O.S.

In 2001, major partnerships began with the Polar S.O.S in conjunction with a foreign company. From then on, internationally recognized manufacturers saw in Polar the opportunity of partnership in Brazil.

2003 – First importation of Hawke International

First import of cable glands.

2005 – Distribution of Chalmit Lighting and Abtech products

Polar began offering Chalmit Lighting products as luminaires for classified environments and also started a partnership with Abtech, offering explosion-proof junction boxes.

2006 – CRCC of Petrobras

In 2006, Polar obtained the Petrobras CRCC certificate.

2007 – Polar receives ISO 9001 certification from DNV

We have obtained the respected ISO 9001 certificate from DNV.

2007 – Start of the partnership with RS Components

Partnership with Europe’s largest distributor of electrical and electronic components, RS Components, offering more than 550,000 items to customers.

2009 – Start of the Vantrunk product distribution

Partnership with UK manufacturer Vantrunk, providing wiring boards and cable trays.

2010 – Start of product distribution Ellis Patents

Partnership with manufacturer Ellis Patents, also from the UK, providing extra-strong cable cleats, always investing in innovation.

2013 – Infraero Recognition

With experience in foreign trade, Polar was indicated in 2013 by Infraero as the first company in the ranking of clearance performance at TECA (Rio de Janeiro).

2013 – Start of distribution of Pelican products

In 2013, Polar partnered with Pelican, offering cases, suitcases, explosion-proof flashlights and other products.

2015 – Deployment of CEAG, Stanley and Dewalt products

Establishment of several important partnerships with manufacturers such as CEAG, with products for hazardous atmospheres, Stanley and Dewalt, with their expertise in tools.

2016 – Beginning of Philips product distribution

Extension of the product line in the lighting segment with the celebration of the partnership with Philips, always seeking the best cost-benefit for our customers.

2016 – ISO 9001 in 2015 Version

Polar has achieved ISO 9001 recertification, updating the standard for the 2015 version.

2018 – Start of partnership with SA Equip

Polar starts a partnership with the Scottish SA Equip, which manufactures products for hazardous areas such as transformers and lighting for tank inspection. Its products quickly generated savings for several customers and the high quality and practicality of these made SA the best choice for many of the applications.

2019 – Beginning of the partnership with BARTEC

BARTEC produces amazing devices for hazardous areas, including tablets, smartphones, cell phones and cameras; all with very high level of performance, competitive even with the standard electronic market, but completely safe for use in classified areas.

2019 – Beginning of the partnership with Hi-Force

Hi-Force is the UK’ sleading designer, manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic tools. Catering to a wide variety of industries, the product range comprises of over 2,000 products.