International Goals: Alasdair Kelman and the Global Expansion Business Unit

Alasdair Kelman has been with Polar for 5 years as a technical manager, earning the trust of the entire team. In this interview, Alasdair, now the Manager of the Global Expansion Business Unit at Polar, shares his experience in the international market and discusses the challenges and opportunities of working with the Polar brand on a global scale.


Tell us a bit about your professional journey before joining Polar.

My background was in the Marine industry, specifically on the electrical and electronic areas. I held various positions on offshore vessels and in the offices of several international drilling contractors. I worked worldwide, from the North Sea to West Africa and the Mediterranean, culminating in the last 28 years here in Brazil.

Tell us about your BU. What are the objectives?

The new Global Expansion Business Unit was created to focus on developing markets outside of Brazil. Our goal is to boost international sales for Polar Components Europe, with a full focus on our existing customers and expanding our services to new clients in new geographical locations.

How was the development of the former Polar International business unit, and what are the differences compared to Global Expansion?

Polar Components Europe mainly served Brazilian clients who required materials from European and global sources, delivered to their logistics centers in the United Kingdom. We successfully accomplished this over the last 5 years. Now, with Global Expansion, our challenge is to develop markets entirely outside the Brazilian scope.

How was the news of this change received? What are the challenges of this new BU?

The change is positive for everyone; I see it as an opportunity to develop new skills. The challenge of expanding Polar Components Europe’s sales on a global scale will be to find new clients who need our services and are in areas where we can support them. We already have a small customer base, but it needs to be developed to capture more opportunities and make it broader, enabling the expansion of our global presence.

In your opinion, why were you chosen for this position? What essential skills are required?

Having been heavily involved with Polar Components Europe for the past 4 years, I am familiar with the operation and the people crucial to its smooth functioning. We have a small group of experienced sellers and managers handling Polar Europe’s operation, and I consider myself part of that group. Having lived in the United Kingdom for most of my life, knowing different areas and the language is a significant advantage when dealing with clients and suppliers. Coming from the technical side of the company also helps in analyzing the needs of end customers and discussing how we can help them overcome technical issues, providing more effective solutions.


Alasdair concludes the conversation with the confidence that any challenge can be overcome with the team’s support. Polar is confident that, with this positive mindset and the commitment of its team, exceptional results will be achieved on this Global Expansion journey.

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