Our negotiation capabilities, and experience to handle large/critical orders is shown by this references list:

QUIPP55Cable Trays / Cable Ladders
CHEVRONFRADEEletrical Spares Bulk
FSTPP56 HULLEx-e Lighting
UTCP56 MODULESEx-e Lighting
NOBLENREMarine cable
TRANSOCEANDRILLERPolar On-site facility
BRASFELSP57Eletrical miscelaneous
QUIPP55Cable cleats
CRPP59/P60Cable cleats
AKERP58/P62Ex-e Lighting
NOBLENLSCable Trays / Cable Ladders
QUIPP63Ex-e lighting
QUIPP58/P62Cable Trays / Cable Ladders
QUIPP55Cable Cleats and Trays
QGIP75/77Cable Trays / Cable Ladders
QGIP75/77Cable Glands
SBMCidade de IlhabelaCable Glands / Cable Ties
SBMCidade de MaricáCable Glands / Cable Ties
SBMCidade de SaquaremaCable Glands / Cable Ties