Breaking into the oil and gas market: Exclusive chat with Rodrigo Almeida from BU Marine & Offshore

At Polar, we cultivate successful stories, and Rodrigo Almeida’s career is one of them. With 25 years of dedication to the Polar team, he enthusiastically welcomes this new management, which will boost his continuous professional development.

As head of the Marine & Offshore business unit, Rodrigo will be totally focused on the oil and gas sector, serving everything from service providers to O&G operators. His goal is to reinforce Polar’s position as one of the main suppliers of electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres, achieving targets and guaranteeing quality to customers.

“(…) to be recognized in this market as one of the main players in the supply of electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres. The objective is to achieve our goals while maintaining the quality of our services.”







In managing this business unit, the central challenge lies in developing talent capable of contributing effectively to achieving targets and exceeding customer expectations. The company is committed to offering opportunities for improvement, with the aim of not only strengthening its position in the market, but also fostering the individual progress of each employee.

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