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From its base in Glasgow, Scotland, Chalmit has a long history of pre-eminence in the field of Hazardous Area Lighting. Chalmit has a deserved reputation for producing luminaires of the highest quality and with technical innovation always in evidence. This is in part, due to Chalmit having evolved as the numer one supplier of hazardous area lighting products in the North Sea.

  • Highbay Lighting
  • Floodlight
  • Emergency Luminaries
  • Bulkhead
  • Wellglass
  • Low Bay Lighting
  • Street Lighting
  • Control Gear


The next generation in linear LED luminaires, Protecta X has a revolutionary design that puts the LED in the center to provide 4ft (120cm) linear performance in a light and thin package. With a robust casing and excellent IP, Protecta X is suitable for use in the world’s toughest environments.

Comfortably solid and constructed with marine grade cast aluminum with an epoxy powder coating finish, the Protecta X driver is kept separate from the heat of the LEDs. There are no holes in the top surface where moisture or dirt can enter. Everything is designed to last, with a service life of> 120,000 hours at 25 ° C and an incredible 90,000 hours free of maintenance at 60 ° C.



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