Strengthening Old Bonds: Tânia Caldeira from the Petrobras Business Unit

Today, we have the opportunity to get to know Tânia Caldeira, recently appointed Manager of the Petrobras Business Unit at Polar. After receiving the news in December, Tânia seems ready to face the challenge with determination. Let’s discover more about her vision and expectations for this new phase.


Share a bit about your journey at Polar and how your experiences in the old management can influence your new position?

I’ve joined and left Polar a few times. The first time was in 2002, and I stayed until 2007. My first contact with Petrobras was in the registration area. At that time, I had various responsibilities, including preparing all documentation to obtain CRCC, now CRC. It was an extremely complex task, but we succeeded because Polar had all the necessary requirements. I became very familiar with this system. Later, I specialized in ISO 9001. Some employees participated in a one-year course at Sebrae, and I ended up implementing this system at Polar, creating process flowcharts, writing procedures, work instructions, providing training, and participating in internal and third-party audits. I’ve always been ‘multimedia.

Skipping a few back-and-forths, let’s jump to 2021 when I was invited to work in Marketing (I have a postgraduate degree) and with Petronect. There’s Petrobras again. Daily, I sought opportunities and sent them to Sales. I love digging into systems and became even more familiar. I was attentive to IDF notes, registration, inclusion of families in the supply line, and so on. Until something very unexpected happened to me…”

How was it to receive the news of your transition from the marketing management to taking over the Petrobras Business Unit?

I was called into our CEO Evandro Esteves office for a meeting on strategic matters. I confess it caught me by surprise. As he started speaking and presenting the new business units, I realized a significant change was about to happen. I had to swallow hard, breathe, and appear natural, as if I were hearing ordinary news. I thought to myself: What about Marketing? Am I leaving Marketing, my passion? It was almost 3 years of hard work. But I always made a point of preparing my team. That feeling of attachment almost took over me, but I stood firm. Triumph through detachment! That’s my motto. So, I took it in stride, didn’t let it shake me. It was as simple as turning a page.”

How will your Business Unit (BU) operate?

We will continue working to offer quality products, duly certified, to this giant company that is Petrobras. This includes Blinda’s Ex equipment for explosive atmospheres, our own factory, as well as products from other market-leading brands such as torque tools, safety nets, luminaires, plugs, and sockets, among many other electrical and electronic products.

As 2024 begins, what are your expectations and plans for managing the Petrobras Business Unit?

The expectations are very positive because the oil and gas sector shows a significant growth index for the coming years, and Petrobras is one of the largest companies in the world. I immediately prepared and presented my action plan. It will be an ant-like job. I identify as an ant. Haha. By my side, I have a great coworker, Guilherme Barbosa, an exclusive salesperson for Petrobras, who is also part of this ant colony… It will be incredible.

Polar has a long history with Petrobras. How do you plan to further strengthen this partnership?

“It was precisely with Petrobras that Polar took its first steps in 1992, through Sr. Deuler Esteves (in memoriam), its founder, who started selling electrical materials from the back of his house. And the business kept growing, growing… And Polar became what it is today. A multinational, with branches in Serra/ES, London/UK, and in Votorantim-SP, where Blinda’s factory is located. It’s 31 years of hard work, done seriously by Sr. Deuler’s sons, Evandro and Emerson. They are two brilliant minds, literally. And it was the brilliant mind of CEO Evandro Esteves, who took over the presidency of Polar, that divided the company into 5 new Business Units, and one of them is the Petrobras Business Unit, which I will have the privilege to manage, working with focus and determination.


Over its 31 years, Polar has built a solid foundation, especially with Petrobras and service providers. Tânia Caldeira, with her determination, is ready to write a new chapter of success for the Petrobras Business Unit at Polar. Here’s to new achievements and partnerships!

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