Diversifying Markets: William Caetano Talks about the Performance of BU Brazil Expansion

Led by the dedicated William Caetano, Expansão Brasil is the name of one of the 5 new Business Units at Polar, introduced in its organizational restructuring for 2024. William shared with us a bit of his story and explained how this new challenge will unfold in his journey. Follow along:



Can you share a bit about your professional journey? What path did you take to get to Polar?

I graduated in Control and Automation Engineering and always had a desire to work in the oil and gas industry. I had the opportunity to intern in companies in the field and studied abroad in Portugal during my undergraduate years, which helped me develop skills like English through extensive interaction with people from various parts of the world in the city. After graduating, I explored opportunities outside Brazil, returned, and secured a position at Polar in December 2019.


Over these 4 years, how have you been involved?

I started in 2019 as a budget analyst and received training at the store counter, learning about products, handling clients, and creating proposals. The pandemic hit, and Polar transitioned to remote work. For a year and a half, I dedicated myself to sales. In the first post-pandemic year, Polar divided into 3 business units. I was fully committed to BU Polar International, contributing to the success of Polar Europe alongside CEO Evandro Esteves and technical manager Alasdair. After six months, I was already involved in business development, visiting clients and specifying products.


What skills do you believe made a difference in your development over these 4 years?

I believe adaptability was crucial, always with a proactive profile in every role I took on. Not letting a small problem become a big one, resolving issues swiftly and dynamically. Listening and learning from the team, as everyone has a lesson, especially in the technical aspect. The focus on meeting the client’s needs was a differentiator.


How was it for you to receive the news of the new management position?

Very good. I embrace this new phase, leaving behind the old role, which was predominantly in the offshore market. However, I see a challenge with significant potential for Polar.


How is the transition from International to Expansão Brasil going for you?

We are dealing with new clients, new suppliers. The sales team remains the same but with a different approach, learning to propose and sell to other segments of the industry.


What will be the role of Expansão Brasil?

The BU will cover all sectors of the Brazilian economy except Offshore and Naval, which belong to Rodrigo Almeida’s BU Marine & Offshore. Expansão Brasil is focused on understanding the varied needs of Brazilian markets and new clients. The commitment is clear: providing exceptional service and delivering quality products, ensuring operational efficiency and satisfaction.


Are there plans to enhance the team?

We have many plans for internal development, training, and hiring. For this BU to be able to look more closely at metallurgical, chemical, automotive, steel, or agricultural industries. Always in the field of electrical and Ex products.



The customer-centric approach and the sharing of best practices and knowledge will be the keys to success. We are excited about this new chapter and confident that the leadership of Expansão Brasil will propel it to higher levels.


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