Headlamp Ex for Hazardous Areas – everything you need to know

XPP-5450G – XPR-5554G – XPP-5454G and other models your industry needs.

Find out how Ex headlamps are essential for your operation.


Headlamps are tools that offer portable and practical lighting, allowing workers to have hands-free operation for safely performing their tasks.

In hazardous areas, where safety is paramount and controlled by standards and regulations such as ABNT NBR IEC 60079, headlamps have specific features, such as impact-resistant housings and waterproofing, to ensure their performance even in adverse conditions.

Nightstick, a global brand of professional lighting products, offers intrinsically safe solutions in headlamps that exceed standards in performance, quality, and safety. Discover which one makes the most sense for your application, now with Polar.

All Nightstick headlamps marketed by Polar Group are waterproof and dustproof, certified by IECEx and INMETRO for Zone [0], by rule.


The Ex headlamp XPP-5450G offers over 13 hours of continuous lighting in extreme conditions, with 90 lumens of power. Its design includes a switch that allows toggling between high or low brightness, while its 90 lumens are powered by three AAA alkaline batteries. It features multiple position tilting and an elastic strap with non-slip coating for the head, as well as a durable rubber strap for the helmet.



With an incredible 180 lumens, the XPP-5452G offers a dual-function spotlight (high or low brightness). Its design also allows multiple position tilting and comes with an elastic strap with non-slip coating for the head, as well as a durable rubber strap for the helmet. It is powered by three alkaline batteries and lasts up to 6 hours at its maximum power.



This headlamp is multifunctional, featuring a unique Dual-Light design allowing the activation of two spotlights simultaneously. The first is angled downward, illuminating the user’s path. This allows the user to approach others without blinding their vision. The second light source is directed straight ahead and is suitable for task performance. Together they generate a luminous flux of up to 160 lumens. This model has a continuous autonomy of 5 hours at its maximum power with three AAA alkaline batteries.



The XPR-5554G is Nightstick’s rechargeable model. It has a USB rechargeable battery and up to 160 lumens of luminous flux with a runtime of up to 7 hours. This headlamp also offers Dual-Light technology with two distinct light sources. It includes a rubber strap for the helmet and a non-slip elastic strap.


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