Marcus Campos: Steering Polar Towards Operational Excellence – An Interview with the New Operations Manager

Polar is pleased to introduce Marcus Campos as the new Operations Manager. Responsible for crucial sectors such as IT, Finance, Human Resources, Customer Service, Procurement, and Logistics, Marcus brings a proactive commitment to efficiency. In this interview, he shares his journey to Polar and his perspectives on driving the company’s success.


Can you share with us a summary of your career leading up to your arrival at Polar, highlighting key experiences that prepared you for the role of Operations Manager?

My journey before Polar began when I completed my degree in Systems Analysis in Campos. I found an employment opportunity in Macaé, where the owners were acquaintances of Polar. After working there for a while and witnessing the ERP implementation, the owners spoke with those at Polar, who were implementing the same system. They proposed the idea of dividing my time between the two, which I accepted. I started in 2006, working in computer maintenance, printers, UPS, monitors, and implementing the RM Systems ERP by Totvs. I remained in the IT sector for 17 years, gaining trust as a supervisor until I received the proposal to become an operations manager.


How was it to receive the responsibility of taking on the role of Operations Manager at Polar?

I was very happy and excited because there were many challenges and issues I couldn’t solve as an IT supervisor. When this proposal came with the opportunity to identify and resolve problems, I was very satisfied. Now, I believe I can contribute even more to Polar.


In integrating the sectors under your management, what strategies do you plan to adopt to promote efficiency and synergy among all departments? And what challenges do you foresee?

The first challenge is to show the company that we are all united in one mission, respecting and helping each other. With everyone’s collaboration, everything becomes easier. I view IT as a tool to provide solutions for processes between departments. Today, IT is the working tool for any sector I go to. I analyze processes and bring solutions through technology. Sector integration is already routine for IT; when we handle an ERP, it synthesizes the integration of all departments within the system.


In the face of the current digital transformation, how do you see the evolution of IT at Polar, and what measures will you take to keep the company ahead in technological innovation?

We are continually training our IT team, seeking knowledge externally, and bringing in new partners. The management currently provides this, and if I want any training, I can have it. I have the project to revive the Polar Academy, so we will focus heavily on training. We already have the challenge of training the team in other technologies. Participating in innovation fairs is also a strategy to hear what the market has in terms of new trends.


In this interview with Marcus Campos, enthusiasm and an unwavering commitment to operational excellence become evident. With his proactive approach to team development and a continuous quest for technological solutions, the future of Polar under his management appears promising and filled with opportunities. We look forward to witnessing the achievements this new chapter will bring to Polar and its employees, clients, and partners.

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