Getting to Know Leon Pereira – The New Commercial Manager at Polar

In this special feature, we bring you an interview with Leon Pereira, the recently appointed Commercial Manager at Polar. Responsible for the sales and marketing sectors, Leon brings youthful energy and a remarkable professional journey since joining the company in 2019. Let’s delve into his journey and vision for Polar.


Leon, can you tell us a bit about your professional journey until you reached the position of commercial manager at Polar? How has your journey been since you started in 2019?

 I studied Control and Automation Engineering here in Macaé. I’m originally from Friburgo and moved here to study. Before joining Polar, I interned at a clothing industry, working with electrical installations. After completing my degree, I returned to Friburgo and worked as a computer science teacher, stock clerk, until the opportunity to work at Polar arose. I started as a Budget Analyst, and within 3 months, a project for a new position was presented – that of Technical Specialist – for me and three other engineers who were also budget analysts. So, we became Specialists, a role with more responsibility, providing technical support to sellers and clients. From Technical Specialist, I progressed to Business Developer, Engineer, and now Commercial Manager.

How have these experiences shaped your current approach to leadership?

 I gradually developed skills. When I became a Technical Specialist, I supported the sales team knowing that many had more experience and knowledge than I did. So, I had to run after learning and try to catch up with sellers who had been doing it for years. In terms of leadership, this development helped me understand the pains and challenges of sellers because I’ve been one. I know what the environment is like, the problems they face, the difficulties, so all of this helped me to be a better leader and manager.

This year marks the inclusion of marketing management in your responsibilities. How do you plan to integrate this new dynamic into the commercial sector, and what are your expectations for this synergy?

My expectations are very high. I hope to be able to further strengthen relations between the marketing and sales teams, for which I am responsible. I also intend to bring a more digital approach, using traffic management and digital marketing techniques.

As a commercial manager, there is an intense relationship with different BU Managers. How have strategies been built together for 2024? And what are the challenges?

The relationship with them is very good. My trajectory from Budget Analyst to Specialist meant that I had constant contact with Polar’s leaders, especially with Evandro, Emerson, and Rodrigo. We had monthly meetings, which helped me learn a lot and understand their vision for the business. Today, it is much easier to understand Evandro’s goals as CEO and help other managers achieve these goals because I have had this contact for a long time, which makes it much easier.

How was it to receive the news of the new position?

I was surprised. I imagined that, one day, I could reach this position, but I expected to go through several other stages first, such as coordinator or supervisor. The trust gained from management made me skip some steps, and, of course, I accepted the challenge. My journey was fast, but not only that, it was fast and very intense in terms of effort and learning. Being close to the leaders helped me a lot; I believe my eagerness to learn, combined with their willingness to teach me, was essential to reach the management position.


In a constantly evolving market, Polar has found in Leon Pereira a dynamic leader to guide its commercial operations. The solid relationship with managers and understanding of organizational goals strengthen strategies for 2024. Leon’s positive expectations and clear determination to overcome challenges offer an optimistic outlook for the company’s future under his leadership, showcasing a promising and dynamic period for all involved.

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